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Today, I'm going to explain some Putian shoes rituals to you. Please read them attentively if you don't know!

1. Origin: Fujian Putian, Fujian Jinjiang, Guangdong, Qingdao are now the domestic production of strong imitation shoes. There are basically second-hand traders everywhere, and Qingdao has a small share to purchase from Putian. I've got a friend who's a wholesaler in Qingdao because I'm best fake yeezys.

2, the price: high shoes like the on-line, we are split into three categories; low imitation, high imitation, real norm. We have three rates. Today we talk about the real norm, the universal standard: shapes of the soles, curves of the feet, openings and bits by parts. We're just doing the real standards. Then create the drawing by piece and collect the real raw materials from different channels or related content parts. All facets of the software can therefore receive fairly exact data, which can generate almost the same version as the initial fake yeezy 750 for sale sneakers. This is the shoe portion, also the actual 1:1 pair.

3, supply from the shop: supply from the market, profits are important. Each week there are hundreds of people.

4, contrast of images: the photographer we consider a specialist to shoot shoes and upload photos. In reality, the specifics of the fake nmd sneakers after enlargement are not very careful to visit the official website for authentic photographs.

5. Quality: They generally equate authentic shoes with cheap counterfeit shoes, but few people are aware of the higher quality and low quality of high-quality shoes at similar prices. The disparity between two sets of separate Putian shoes is seen by cautious individuals. The garments are smoother and less rigid from the heel. And it will quickly return to its original condition after you bent him. It is difficult to recover the poor quality and it can even abandon plucks.

6. The leather of high-quality counterfeit shoes often varies, a stronger mesh material is a good high-quality fabric. The poor quality is made of ordinary tissue that does not last as well as wire. False nike shoes will also allow the specifics for the manufacturing such as handling of needle thread, the quality is good, the needle thread is clear, the condition of the shoes are all visible, certain areas can be simply opened, the insole consistency is also special, the insole quality is best thick, poor quality is slim. The design of the insole is more interesting. The consistency of the mark is also evident from the product information. The production of the shoes was fairly clear and the stitching was tidy, the quality was poor and the sewing was disorderly.

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